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Liquid Vending: It's already here

Find out more about our UK user trials

Since February 2022 our prototype liquid vending machine has been facilitating fast, smart & hygienic liquid refills to shoppers in the UK city of Brighton.

Together with our user trial partners, Tenschul has been showing Brighton's shoppers just how convenient it can be to purchase essential, everyday liquid products without using single-use plastic packaging.

Our Partners

We are delighted to be conducting UK user trials in partnership with SESI Refill and HISBE.


Our product partner SESI Refill is a social enterprise whose eco-friendly cleaning products and personal care products are refilled over a million times every year. 


Our retail partner HISBE is a social enterprise that operates two sustainable supermarkets in Brighton and Worthing in the UK. They have also contributed significantly to the UK zero waste movement through consultancy and partnerships. 


The Location

HISBE Supermarket and the Tenschul eco refill liquid dispenser rub shoulders with leading supermarket brands on a busy high street in Brighton - one of the UK's most visited cities.

The Prototype

The vending machine itself is a fully functioning prototype which gives Brighton shoppers the choice of 4 SESI personal care products.

The user trials have allowed us to extensively test dispensing functionality as well as smart features such as on-machine payments, remote product monitoring, data-collection and remote POS.


The Results


Litres of Product Dispensed


Individual Refills


Total Transaction Value / Average Transaction Value

coming soon!

Image by Jud Mackrill

Here's what brands, retailers and shoppers think about our eco refill liquid vending machine:

"I love that I can buy liquid products like soap and detergent alongside dry goods" - Customer

"Here's for a world refilling, reclaiming, repurposing, upcycling not just plastic but all valuable materials out there. Well done Tenschul for creating innovative technology to help achieve this!" - SESI Refill


Work with Us

Find out more about partnering with Tenschul to bring fast, smart and hygienic liquid refill to shoppers throughout the UK & Europe. 

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