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A collaboration to propel the refill nation.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Earlier this year Tenschul, SESI and HISBE began collaborating to deliver a new dispensing technology for refill and reuse.

SESI and HISBE are major refill and reuse contributors in the UK, promoting the reduction of single use plastic packaging and food waste.

SESI launched their Vegan, Cruelty free brand in 2013, some 7 years after first beginning to refill products from a local school shed in Oxford. SESI has pioneered the UK refill soap and detergent market starting out at farmers markets with their circular economy supply. With over 20 products to offer they are now becoming more and more established across the country every year, with new refill sites, signing up to sell their products every week.

HISBE (standing for How It Should BE) is a local supermarket first opened in 2010 and prides itself in only sourcing local produce and other sustainable products. They have an offering of over 70 dried food goods for customers to refill at their convenience as well as offering unpackaged fresh fruit and vegetables. HISBE already have plans to open their second supermarket at the beginning of 2021.

We are incredibly excited about our collaboration. We will be focussing on providing a dispensing solution that improves the user interaction and improves the supply chain from manufacture to retailer. A pilot scheme is aimed to start in Summer 2021, more information coming soon!


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