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LiquiVend®, Eco Refill Liquid Vending

Your smart liquid vending solution

More Refills Less Waste

Over the course of a year, just one of our LiquiVend® systems installed in a local store could prevent the unnecessary waste of:


Plastic Shampoo Bottles


Plastic Cooking Oil Bottles


Plastic Soap Bottles


Heavy Duty Plastic Detergent Containers

How it Works

User-friendly, easy to install, connected & data rich; explore the key features of the Tenschul LiquiVend® system.

Liquid Vending for Brands & Retailers 

Discover how LiquiVend® offers an innovative, scalable response to the growing public demand for zero waste solutions.

Liquid Vending for Shoppers

Packed with clever features, the Tenschul LiquiVend® system makes it easier than ever for shoppers to refill their favourite liquid products.


Tenschul's liquid vending system, LiquiVend®,  is designed to eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging waste.

It enables fast, smart and hygienic refills for hundreds of liquid product lines - including personal care products, cleaning products, drinks, cooking products such as oils, and sauces with bits in.

About Tenschul

Tenschul has over 20 years of experience in engineering, automation and liquid handling.

We are a technology enabler focussed on the engineering challenges that are prevalent in today's world.

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