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Liquid Vending for Shoppers

Sustainable shopping: now easier than ever

The Truth About Recycling


In recent years, there has been extensive focus on Recycling as the solution to managing plastic waste.

No thanks to multiple flaws in our recycling systems, it is estimated that only 10% of household plastic actually gets recycled.

However; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is a waste hierarchy - and recycling sits squarely at the bottom.

Less than half of household waste is sent for recycling

Despite the considerable efforts of individual citizens, the recycling rate of UK households stands at just 44%. In some areas the recycling rate is as low as 18%.  

The majority of plastic recycling is sent overseas

Over 50% of the UK's plastic recycling gets sent overseas to be processed in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia & Turkey. This significantly increases the carbon footprint of the materials.

We don't know what happens to the waste sent overseas

For any plastic recycling sent overseas, it's almost impossible to determine how much material is actually recycled. There is widespread evidence of plastic burning and the dumping of plastic recycling. 


Reduce, Reuse: Refill


The most effective thing that individuals can do to reduce plastic packaging waste is to reduce the amount they purchase in the first place - and reuse any items that are purchased.

The LiquiVend® system enables fast, smart and hygienic refills for hundreds of liquid and wet food product lines.

Now shoppers can purchase their favourite liquid cooking products, personal care products and refillable cleaning products without using new single-use plastic packaging every time.

Effortless Product Selection

An intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy to select the desired product and quantity.

Smart Refill

Choose a precise refill quantity between 250-500ml or refill up to a set monetary amount for simple budgeting.

Fast Refill

No manual pumping is required. The automatic vending mechanism takes under 20 seconds to refill 500ml of liquid. 

Hygienic Refill

Products are kept in a sealed system with the unlikely risk of cross-contamination between products. The vending chamber is easy to clean and the dispensing nozzle is covered by a protective collar.

Tap & Refill

Payment is quick and easy thanks to the on-machine contactless payment terminal. Payment can be made using any bank card or mobile NFC device. 

Stand Up Meeting

See It In Action

Find out what brands, retailers and shoppers think about our eco-friendly liquid vending system, LiquiVend®.

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