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How it Works

User-friendly, easy to install, connected & data-rich

The Tenschul eco refill liquid vending machine, LiquiVend®, is the product of over 2 years of research and development, underpinned by 20 years of experience in engineering, automation and liquid handling.

The LiquiVend® solution has three key components

The Liquid Vending Machine

A floorstanding liquid vending machine which can automatically refill up to 6 different liquid or wet food products.

Using LiquiVend® couldn't be simpler:

  1. Place your empty bottle under the refill nozzle

  2. Select your desired product and refill quanitity

  3. Watch the vending machine refill your bottle and retrive it in less than 20 seconds


The Storage Unit

Liquid and wet food product is stored in a wheeled 'Roll up and load' storage unit which has a total capacity of 180 litres (30 litres per product). 

A 'Quick Connect' system connects the product in the storage unit with the vending machine itself.

The Web App 

Our web app is an online application which acts as a hub for remote product monitoring, data collection & analysis, and remote POS management.

Live data is sent to the app from each individual vending machine via WiFi and LAN connectivity.  


Circular Manufacturing Process

A drive towards a more sustainable future underpins everything that Tenschul does - including the manufacturing process of our liquid vending machines.

In fact, the manufacture of each machine repurposes the equivalent of over

15,000 shampoo bottles. 

Recycled Materials
Each vending machine is constructed using a mix of recycled materials and mechanical components which can be returned to Tenschul at the machine's end of life.

Additive Manufacturing Process
The additive manufacturing process reduces waste and contains circular material that can be used to form new components at their end of life.

Assembly 2 Rendering(9).jpg
x6 selfcontained smart liquid product containers
stock trolley
contactless payment
touchscreen interface
main vending unit
media and  education screen
container load point
sliding door and handle
door interlock
LiquiVend® media & education  screen example video
  • Wifi & LAN capable

  • Dispensable amounts between 250 – 500ml or 50p - £1

  • <20seconds to dispense 500ml

  • Total capacity of 180 ltrs

  • No lift required, 30ltr Capacity Wetbox

  • Simple “quick connects” to dispenser

  • Monitor liquid levels remotely through Mangrove Web app

Casual Meeting

Brands & Retailers

Discover how the LiquiVend® system offers an innovative, scalable response to the growing public demand for zero waste solutions.

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